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Reblochon cheese - "extra" farmhouse from Savoy - half

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Creamy and tasty, Reblochon cheese "extra" offers full flavour and is well accompanied with a slice of country bread.

With a beautiful smooth rind ranging from yellow to orange-yellow colour, covered with a light white covering. The ivory pate is creamy, smooth and supple.

Farmhouse Reblochon is easily identifiable by its green spot.

: 4 to 5 weeks

How is it produced? :
Reblochon cheese "extra" is produced from milk from a single herd, on a farm in winter and on the mountain pastures in summer.
An average of 4 litrres of unpasteurised full-fat milk goes into the making of a 500g Reblochon.
It is produced twice a day: immediately after milking, morning and evening. At each milking, the milk is curdled directly and then rennetted. The curd is then cut and split and hand-pressed into molds coated with a thin canvas. The cheeses are then turned over several times before a numbered casein spot (green disc) is placed on each of them, guaranteeing the farm origin and identification of the producer.

Tasting Advice :
Reblochon goes very well with dried fruit like walnuts, figs, apricots). The perfect mix is country warm bread with reblochon.

Remove from the refrigerator two hours before tasting and generally should be a little cooler than room temperature, ideally around 16 ° C.

Cheese Preserving Advice :
Keep reblochon cheese in its original packaging in a refrigerator at a temperature of 8 ° 

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