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Walnut from Dauphiné - 1kg

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The Grenoble walnuts brings you the virtues and taste of the Alps in a shell.

This fruit is an excellent source of energy as it contains: zinc, copper and potassium, but also good protein: arginine.

Tasting Advice :

Gives 'crunch' to your salad
Break a few nuts, add them directly into the salad or separately into a small bowl for everyone to be able to choose their level of crunchiness.


Prepare a delicious walnut cake
You will need: 150g shelled walnuts, 40g flour, 3 eggs, 150g sugar, 100g butter, 1 liqueur glass of rum, 1 pinch of salt

Mix 75g of sugar with the walnuts, and the remaining 75g of sugar with the butter. Mix the 2 together then add the eggs one by one, then the salt, flour and finally the rum.
In a cake tin, pour the mix and put in the oven: thermostat 7/10 for 30 minutes.

Preserving Advice :
Store product in a dry place protected from light.

4.70 €

1000 Grs

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