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Small Smoked Ham

Produit Produit Produit

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Smoked with juniper, which provides flavours of pastures and firewood,
The sublime flavour is strong and leaves a pleasant after taste in the mouth.

The finesse and character of this ham is the result of a careful selection of its main products and experience in the slow but clever process of dry curing the meat.

Stage 1 Salting: done by hand, this step permeates the meat with salt and multiple spices.

Stage 2 Resting : maturation time allows for the salt to spread evenly within the meat

Stage 3 Heating : The meat is kept at a high temperature, which will provide the colour and texture of the final product.

Stage 4 Smoking : The ham is stored in the smokehouse where the juniper branches and fir burn slowly and infiltrate their aromas through all of the meat.

Stage 5 Drying and Refining : For several weeks, the ham is finished by being turning slowly in strictly controlled conditions.

Tasting Advice :
It is important to use a knife with a long sharp blade to cut thin slices. You can enjoy simply with some crusty country bread.

Preserving Advice :
Keep the ham in its original packaging, in the bottom shelf of your refrigerator.
After opening, Keep the ham wrapped in cling film in the bottom shelf of the refrigerator.

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