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Secure payment

With your credit card, you can pay online with confidence!

85% of Internet users use their credit card to make purchases online, because it's quick, easy, and secure! You need to have no doubt about the security of online payments by credit card.

Some precautions to respect

Before entering a card number online, make sure you're on a secure page. A secure page is indicated by a small padlock that should appear at the bottom right-hand side of the window on which you are using. This padlock means that all the information you send from this page will be encrypted and only the recipient can read it.

paiement sécurisé

Banks guarantee even greater security

Banks now have their own secure payment solution. The principle is simple: the bank supports the entire transaction on its site and you deal directly with them. This is the safest option for you, as even the seller does not have access to your data. This is the solution we have chosen, in partnership with the well recognised French bank - “Crédit Agricole”.

E-transactions: fast, practical and totally secure:

If you decide to pay by credit card on, you will be redirected to the secure payment site of “Crédit Agricole E-transactions”. All the information that you provide will be then directly processed by the bank. They will verify the validity of your card and ensure the payment goes through. In any case, your card number will be never be sent to us. Please note well: even if you're not a customer of Credit Agricole, we are delighted to accept all credit cards, including Visa amongst others.

Learn more about E-transactions

Choose the “Pay Pal” option:

PayPal is possible to also shop safely online but without using your credit card.

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