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The Alps as natural environment for high quality products

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Quality, Innovation and Environmental Compliance

"Because you have chosen quality products we give special attention to the packaging, so that the flavour and quality of the product remains the same from leaving the Alps to its final destination across Europe ".

- - Director Alpes Gourmet

For this we have developed and implemented:

1 Adapted Packaging:

“Isotherme” (Insulated) Packaging

Developed by an expert of the cold, our insulated packaging is able to preserve the product throughout transportation for up to 72 hours.
The temperature inside the package will remain at an average of 8 °, even with an outside temperature of up to 30 °.
The goal is to provide a thermal barrier that can face all the wide variations of possible outside temperatures.

Products requiring “Isotherme” packaging are indicated by the logo "Isotherme Packaging" which is located on the right-hand side of the product. All our cheese products are packaged with “Isotherme” Packaging.
Cheese is only sent from our warehouse on Wednesdays.

Our packaging is designed to be strong enough to withstand the journey from the warehouse to you.   

Special boxes and clamps are used that are adapted to fit the constraints of the machinery used by the postal system.
We use reinforced cardboard boxes, a protective net for any bottles, and a solution that consists of scrap wood that absorbs shocks and reduces the risk of moisture getting inside the packaging.

Environmental packaging  

Our gift boxes are 100% renewable, natural and are completely made locally in the Alps.
We value the scrap wood from the Alps and using them as for calibration and protection in our boxes and packaging.

1 Adapted Supply chain

Geographical location

The close proximity to our suppliers means that we can supply fresh products quickly and frequently to you and avoid long periods of storage that that would destroy the great taste of the produce.

Food ethics

There is no endless chains of intermediaries, but simply the Producer, Alpesgourmet and You.
By choosing us, you are helping in the development of ethical consumerism.

Global Traceability

All stages of production, processing, product distribution are followed in accordance with European regulations.

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